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[Apr. 20th, 2006|06:56 pm]



¤Simple Basics¤

Name - Alli
Age/DOB - 17
Location - Canada

¤Tell us More¤

How long have you been down? about a year
Any Tattoos? stars on my chest and lotus flowers on my arms
Any Piercings? 2 ear piercings at 18g, lip at 14g, bridge at 14g, tongue venoms at 12g and ears at 5/8
What would be your "Weapon of Choice"? chainsaw :]
What's the one thing in this world that you could not live without and why? KETCHUP so yummy
Name one thing that special about you or a talent of yours - i do yummy hair extensions

¤Whats your Favorites¤

Favorite Color - purple
Favorite Faygo - don't have in igloo land
Favorite Psychopathic. Album - Bizaar
Favorite Psychopathic Song - no idea, way too many
Favorite Jokers Card - the great milenko
Favorite PSY group/artist - ICP
Favorite NON-Psychopathic band(s) - NIN, OPIV,MSI,AFI, Skinny Puppy, ToxiK SouL, The Vandals
Favorite movie - no idea

¤Just a Lil Sumthin Sumthin¤

How do you feel towards your family? love them
How do you feel towards your juggalo family? love them
If you could be any animal what would it be and why? cat - everyone with pet me :]
How did you first hear about ICP or anyother Psychopathic Group? noo idea
Why should I accept you? because im the shit? haha umm im nice?
Post atleast 3 pictures -

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