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BITCH I'm the sexiest killa you know. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|09:29 am]


¤Simple Basics¤

Name - Katie
Age/DOB - March 16, 1988. 16
Location - Whitman, Ma.

¤Tell us More¤

How long have you been down? Only bout a year
Any Tattoos? yep. hatchetman on back of my neck and a nautical star on my shoulder
Any Piercings? none at the moment but ears, my nose just closed up
What would be your "Weapon of Choice"? my butterfly knife
What's the one thing in this world that you could not live without and why? my niece Jade Alexis. She's only 3 but she is the greatest person and sometimes the only thing that keeps me trying. Theres no material thing in the world that i couldnt live without... well music... but my niece is more important.
Name one thing that special about you or a talent of yours - I punched a kid at my school in the face for talking shit and since then he's been like one of my best friends. idk i guess that's kinda special

¤Whats your Favorites¤

Favorite Color - Pink
Favorite Faygo - Red Pop
Favorite Psychopathic Album - Dark Lotus - Tales from the Lotus Pod
Favorite Psychopathic Song - way too many. Under the Moon, Pass me By, How Many Times, Bitches, See me, Juggalo Family, Bitch im sexy
Favorite Jokers Card - Great Milenko, or jeckel Brothers
Favorite PSY group/artist - ICP
Favorite NON-Psychopathic bands - Greenday Nirvana Q Strange KmK
Favorite movie - Requiem for a Dream, American History X, Jawbreaker

¤Just a Lil Sumthin Sumthin¤

How do you feel towards your family? I really dont get along with them very much
How do you feel towards your juggalo family? I dont get along with most of the juggalos in my town cuz they all think im a poser and such cuz around here if you havnt been down since u were 10 then ur a juggahoe. but i always got love for the family. ive met juggalos all over the place if i see someone reppin the hatchet i go over and talk to them. ive gotten weird looks and such before but w/e. ive met some good people cuz of it
If you could be any animal what would it be and why? a dove cuz theyre beautiful and they can fly anywhere they want
How did you first hear about ICP or anyother Psychopathic Group? i first heard ICP Neden Game wen i was in like 7th grade. i liked it cuz it was wicked and such but i never even heard the word juggalo til beginning of 10th grade. then i met my exbf who was a juggalo and we were together for 5 months whcih resulted in my listenin to lots of psychopathic shit. then we broke up, he left his cds at my house, i gave all them away except the psychopathic ones and just loved them all
Why should I accept you? cuz im good in bed? no jk. you should accept me cuz i dont have that many friends in the family. im a down ass lette, and i want to meet some people who will be at the gathering this summer
Post atleast 3 pictures -


[User Picture]From: kittylette
2005-02-26 07:07 pm (UTC)
i like you

thy kitty says yes ^.^ good luck
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[User Picture]From: kittylette
2005-03-02 02:16 am (UTC)

haha i made that last night.....

anyhow...ur accepted vote and promote!!!

promotion stamps are in the info there are also some @ www.weevle.tk under sexy lettes!! check em out and promote!!
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