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Bitch I'm the sexiest killa you know [Mar. 3rd, 2005|03:17 pm]
[How I'm feeling |happyhappy]
[What I'm listening to |Juggalo Pride - DJ Jake]

¤Simple Basics¤

Name - Kelli
Age/DOB - 15 / 11-19-89
Location - Hobart, Indiana

¤Tell us More¤

How long have you been down? About a year now
Any Tattoos? Nope
Any Piercings? Just my ears
What would be your "Weapon of Choice"? Hatchet
What's the one thing in this world that you could not live without and why? Music because I love it.
Name one thing that special about you or a talent of yours - I can sing really well..

¤Whats your Favorites¤

Favorite Color - Red
Favorite Faygo - Orange
Favorite Psychopathic. Album - Tales From the Lotus Pod
Favorite Psychopathic Song - Bitch I'm Sexy
Favorite Jokers Card - the Jeckel Brothers
Favorite PSY group/artist - ICP is my favorite group but Jamie Madrox is my favorite artist
Favorite NON-Psychopathic band(s) - slipknot, kittie, nirvana, no doubt, papa roach, Bright Eyes, Korn, etc.
Favorite movie - The Vrigin Suicides

¤Just a Lil Sumthin Sumthin¤

How do you feel towards your family? I don't really like my family.  I fight with my mom a lot and I don't like my dad at all.  My brothers mean to me alot too.
How do you feel towards your juggalo family? I love my juggalo family.  I'd defend them no matter what.  I couldn't live without them. 
If you could be any animal what would it be and why? A kitten because I like kittens and they're cute
How did you first hear about ICP or anyother Psychopathic Group? One of my friends had me listen to them so I did and I was instantly hooked.
Why should I accept you? Because I'm not fake and I don't start shit with people.  I'm also really nice.
Post at least 3 pictures -


From: (Anonymous)
2009-07-01 04:40 am (UTC)

watup kitten

Bitch im sexy is my shit too. and my favorite faygo is orange.. anyway holla at me sometime. tylerquick3@yahoo.com

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